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WordPress Plugins to increase security, activity and visibility

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There are many great WordPress Plugins but don’t forget one thing: Too much plugins will make your page slow. Be careful also about which plugins you use!


Twitter Lists To Follow: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology

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Twitter Lists, the only way to master twitter! Twitter timeline is not filtered and you realize very quickly that you can not control content and tweets…


Facebook Ads: Which provide better results?

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Facebook Ads: Page like ad, Page post link ad, Page post photo ad, Page post video ad. You have to provide interesting stories on a personal level…


Facebook Boost Post vs. Ad Campaigns via Power Editor

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If Boost Post options are enough for you, then hit the boost button! If you need more targeting options, then you will need Facebook Power Editor.


Are Unpublished Facebook Posts or „Dark“ Posts still interesting?

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People think that the reach of Facebook Fan Pages is dropped down but this is wrong! Facebook tries to optimize it in order to provide relevant information.


How to use Google+ to expand your network or build a community

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Google+ is not a social media like Facebook, it has more SE functionalities… Google Plus was made to personalize your own search results!


2014! Does Email (Marketing) still matter? [Interview]

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Who is using Email (Marketing)? You’ll get huge eyes, if you see that many of Social Media Marketers, Consultants and Professionals are using it to get closer to their customers or target audience.


How to create perfect social media posts

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Do you know the perfect formula for your Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr posts?


How to get 500 followers on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the leading social media sites in the world today… Let me tell you how you can become famous on Twitter and I can guarantee you…


Responsive and mobile friendly Email Design

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No matter how old your newsletter template is, you should think about a redesign to make it mobile friendly.