Some quick tips for your next Facebook Ad Campaign

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Content is the master key of every marketing activity. Therefore you need first of all a good content strategy. People only like or share your content, if they really like it and not just because you think they should like it! Therefore you need to know your audience very well…

Consider these tips and advices. My experiences during supporting some businesses and pages on facebook:

  1. Set up different types of ads and not only one. In this way you will reach different type of people!
  2. Segment your audience to match those who could be „really“ interested
  3. Use Power Editor to setup, configure and control your ads. You’ll see, you have a lot more possibilities with PE.
  4. Avoid the Boost Button on page posts. You can reach very quickly a lot of people but many of them could be not relevant for your business!
  5. If you want to use the Boost Button, you have to know, that you can edit durations and budgets anytime through „Ads manager“.
  6. Don’t be selfish! Share also interesting stories around your business field.
  7. You don’t need to interact with every comment and reaction, especially if fans are discussing with each other but you should answer questions and take positions on complaints!
  8. Be helpful and… Don’t Run Your Business on „The Goldfish Principle“
  9. Organize also a Facebook contest and promote it. People like to play!
  10. You can start with little budget. 100 – 300 $/month could be enough to run a good Facebook Campaign (for small businesses).

Cheers …

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Ali Amir Mostofian

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