Manage your #FacebookPages effectively!

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„we have a Facebook page and we do social media“ hmmm… I don’t think so!
This is, what I hear a lot day by day and in fact this isn’t enough.

Facebook isn’t twitter and isn’t there for broadcasting only. Depending on your industry you have to be little more creative and start some conversations. Do you have to spend too much time? No, you don’t need, if you know your audience well and know what they like, want and are interested in. Before to start, think about your strategy and your audience!

Content with context, this is the master key to the heart of your fans and the driver of conversation and engagement. Don’t talk about your products, tell stories about your services and the benefits of your brand or company. How you could make the life of your customer much easier with your products!

All you need is:

  1. Deep knowledge of your industry and audience
  2. Communicative personality
  3. Good post time management
  4. Creative mind and no fear of failure
  5. Control of your own emotions

The perfect mix of the 5 points above would help you to mange your community well and keep them engaged!

I don’t want to deny that this wouldn’t be enough, just because the visibility of your page/posts among your own fans is somewhere about 5% – 20% depending of the type of your post (from the perspective of Facebook.):

  1. Text only post with no links or images
    These posts have the most visibility, because they are low quality posts.
  2. Text and Images
    These post have lower visibility than „Text only“ just because they are ranged as mid quality.
  3. Posts with links and a preview at the bottom
    These posts have very low visibility because of their high quality. They can drive traffic to a website!

Facebook wants you to pay to reach your fans or audience. Don’t take it personally, it’s just business.

Set up a low budget Ad campaign To increase the reach and visibility of your page. Try to post 1 or 2 times a day but not to much. A low post frequency will make your fans forget you. Stay present!

You can also run different apps to increase the engagement and brand reputation/visibility like contest apps or to win more subscribers for your newsletter. Facebook page is a powerful tool in order to spread the voice of your brand!

Useful link, if you want to set up an Ad-Campaign: Facebook Terms and Policies

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Ali Amir Mostofian

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  • Deep knowledge of your industry and audience….that is what is the most important point of this article…if you donot know your buyer persona, you can never provide the adequate help, you cannot provide the right product, you can never provide customer service and at the end you cannot delight your customer.

    Knowing your audience is the key…that’s where you start getting the sense of future efforts.

    Great Article Ali…!

    • That is! Here you can see why it’s more than just important to take it seriously. To enchant your customer and audience you should know their needs and the entire lifecycle of your own business and products!

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