How to get 500 followers on Twitter

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How to get 500 followers on Twitter

Guest Post by Syed Waseem Abbas

Experience is the best teacher. You can learn a lot of lessons from your own experiences. Some of these experiences teach you worthy life-long lessons. Experiences guide us to form strategies. Strategies trigger trends. Trends are followed on social media websites. And trends result in miracles. Miracles do happen! The story behind the title of this post is quite interesting. And I would love to share this story with you today in this blog.

Twitter is one of the leading social media sites in the world today… Let me tell you how you can become famous on Twitter and I can guarantee you… I came to know about Twitter trends while watching a movie in a local cinema. Being impressed by how much opportunities you get after connecting with people over the social networking website, I decided to join Twitter. Another reason for joining Twitter was the fact that I love to follow new trends.

Initially, I learned and decided to tweet important updates and news only. I knew that there was something missing. I was not satisfied. As the time passed by, I came to know that successful people on Twitter had followers in thousands. It hurt my ego and I started feeling envious about the top notch Twitter account holders. I didn’t lose hope though and continued my practice. During the first year, I managed to get only 44 followers. The other big guns had their followers in thousands and the numbers continued to increase for them.

For me, it was a challenging situation. I wanted to increase the number of my followers as compared to the number of people, whom I followed. Although, it was not my primary job but my ego was hurting me again and again. I was desperate to get more than thousand followers on Twitter in just one dash.

I wanted to turn a new leaf in my life. I decided to switch my job. And you know what! It worked wonders for me. I was hired as a WordPress Community Manager. My prime responsibility was to concentrate my efforts on digital marketing of the products and services offered. I knew that this was the opportunity I was looking for. I was very happy as I made some very good connections on Twitter profile.

It was a great experience. Although I was getting connections, the number of my followers increased to 87. In the meantime, the company announced the launch of a new product. I got the opportunity to interact with some new digital content writers, primarily hired for marketing of the newly launched product.

I was responsible to work towards a new digital marketing strategy. The team decided to target online customers, having accounts on social media websites, including Twitter.
The real story begins here! During an interactive session, I came to know about Salman Mehdi, a newbie in digital marketing. Although he had more than 10 years of academic writing experience, but he had never created his Twitter account, let alone using it. I helped him in initializing his Twitter account. Salman was hired as a digital content producer.

After one month of training, I was really amazed, I would say shocked rather, to see his commendable progress he had made. Now guess what? He had more than 500 followers on Twitter barely just after a month’s training. All the people present at that moment were spellbound at such an astonishing feat. But Salman on the other hand, remained calm and quite.

You can see his first tweet below:

I enquired about his secret formula for success. He readily shared his magical tactics with me. I am going to share his routine practice with you.

  • Follow relevant people within the industry.
  • Retweet more frequently with hashtags related to your industry.
  • Tweet quotes related to your industry with the relevant hashtags.
  • Do these practices consistently.

Following his recipe, I decided to apply same tactics on my Twitter account. The practice bore desired results, as I managed to get more than 500 followers on my Twitter account in just one month. Now, I am much relieved and am more actively involved in maintaining my social media profile, while marketing the company’s product through Twitter. I have made good strides, and I have the liberty to communicate with the Twitter influencers of WordPress. And more importantly, I have killed my ego!

Let me give you two more tools which helped me in managing my Twitter account, while constantly retweeting the relevant information about the industry…
Use for retweeting the tweets from the people you follow. This is a very useful tool for sharing the content for you. helps you when you follow influencers using your favorite tags more frequently in their tweets.
You can set RSS feeds of top blogs in this tool. It will help you in sharing news from these blogs on your Twitter profile. You can also set the format of your tweets.

When you experience something, you surely come to know more about it. I come up with few things which are useful and effective. You can take a few tips from me too:

  • Kill your ego, follow and get followed.
  • Use these two tools mentioned above for the relevant hashtags within blogs.
  • Tag people in your discussions to get more traction.
  • Reply timely to your mentions.
  • Follow and share inspirational quotes.
  • Appreciate people for their good tweets.

These tips helped me a lot in building reputation on Twitter. As a digital marketing enthusiast, I’m happy with the new connections. Now I get better results and traction when I market my content. I know there are more tips that can help you in creating strong profile on Twitter. I’m curious to know about your approaches toward your social media profile, especially Twitter. If you have any such tips, do let me know. You can also share your experiences and opinions in the comments section below.

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Syed Waseem Abbas

WordPress Community Manager bei Cloudways
Waseem has a knack for exploration. Whenever he explores a WordPress trouble, he tries his best to solve it. He is also a food explorer and travel lover.

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  • Really nice read and story. In fact many people are still struggling with twitter and how to win followers and increase their reach. This could help them to do a better job…

    • Thanks for everything @alimostofian:disqus. It’s been so nice working with such generous person like you. Yes, I believe this will surely help the people who are searching for results.. 🙂

  • Danyal

    The ego thing is strong on twitter. Isn’t it look weird if the number of followed is highly greater than number of follower??

    • If followed are industry relevant, it’s ok. If not, it’s an ego issue… 🙂

    • @Danyal:disqus , Its never an issue that how many people you follow on Twitter. The intent is always to look on and consume the content they curate. If you follow 1000 people and you have half the followers. There is no harm. But to manage those 1000 people whom you are following is the most important thing. And Twitter Lists comes there to help in this regard.

      I think Waseem will agree with me and he will surely tell you next time about how to manage the followers using lists.

    • I use more than 10 lists… 😉 I love twitter lists. The only way to keep control over twitter. I never look at my home feed. It’s too noisy…

    • Hey @danyal, Thanks for reading my story. It’s not weird you know. 🙂 I was with the same ego and you can see the results. Most importantly Twitter is a wonderful place to build strong online connections. Other important part is if you can visit the profiles of top digital marketing influencers, they follow as many as they can. I believe it is because they love to create connections and relationships. There is a saying, ‚Let ego die and let love live‘. Lets follow this quote together! 🙂

  • @waseem!

    Awesome Tricks. Do let me know if there are more tips regarding Google+ and Facebook? Please share!

    • Thanks @eddiemayan:disqus. I’m working on a Facebook post. I’ll share it with you once done! 🙂

  • Salman Mehdi

    I reckon, every one of us has a success story behind him. One of the best approaches to write an engaging blog is to use a natural tone.

    • Thanks @disqus_zodOtXkdcW:disqus for such amazing tricks. You are just amazing! 🙂

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