2014! Does Email (Marketing) still matter? [Interview]

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2014! Does Email [Marketing] still matter? [Interview]

Good question… What do you think?! I know that many want to see the end of Email (Marketing) but why? Is it really that bad? Is it annoying or not personal enough? I know spam is a huge problem and… wait… do we not have it everywhere and even more on Facebook, Twitter and other social media?

I don’t want to tell you about the benefits of email in this post or show you some great reports and industry numbers. All I’ll do is to show you how real people, people you know and are interacting with them every day are using it.

Who is using Email (Marketing)? You’ll get huge eyes, if you see that many of Social Media Marketers, Consultants and Professionals are using it to get closer to their customers or target audience. Let me show you some examples of some great people and how they use email everyday as a huge part of their communication channel!

I’ve asked them 5 question about email:

  1. How often do you use email and more business or private?
  2. What do you think about the role of email today?
  3. I see you collect newsletter subscribers on your own business page. Tell us about the benefits of an own newsletter especially for your own business.
  4. Would you say email is dead and not a personal communication channel or nothing for the new generation or the millennial?!
  5. Do you think email will be dead someday or will evolve into something new and better or will be merged into another communication channels?

Mark SchaeferMark Schaefer | Homepage, Twitter, Wikipedia
Mark Schaefer is a college educator, blogger, speaker and consultant who specializes in corporate social media marketing workshops. He is the author of four best-selling books including “Social Media Explained”.

  • I use email extensively both privately and in business. In fact, it is my primary source of communication. If somebody sends a request to me through Twitter or Facebook I ask them to send me an email so it better translates to action!
  • As much as I love email and couldn’t work without it, the amount of spam and noise is increasing and young people are not using it as much.
  • I have tens of thousands of readers of my blog and my books. But the people on my email list are the core people who really engage with me and buy things from me. It is essential to my business!
  • You can’t argue with the research. It seems to be essentially dead for people under 20. It remains to me seen what will happen when these folks begin to work for companies that require an email account! It is still the best way to exchange secure, in-depth materials in a way that can be searched and organized so I don’t see this going away for most companies!
  • I can’t say it will NEVER die but it is so important today that I have a hard time seeing it go away in the foreseeable future (although sometimes I wish it would!)

Ian ClearyIan Cleary | Homepage, Twitter
Ian Cleary (the social media tools guy) is the founder of RazorSocial, an award-winning blog providing unbiased information about social media tools and technology.

  • I use email 7 days a week for business use and very seldom for personal use.
  • Email is still a very important channel particularly for business. You get a much higher conversion rate from email subscribers than fans or followers!
  • Over 70% of visitors to your website will never come back. To keep in communication with these visitors we entice them to sign up for our email newsletter. Every Monday and Wednesday they get notification of new posts and this brings them back to our site. Building the email list is more important to use than building fans or followers.
  • Email is still relevant and will be around for along time, however, there are many other methods of communication so email will not be as important in the future.
  • I think email will always be around in some form. For example, even though Google+ is a social network they are integrating it into gmail for email communication.

Aaron LeeAaron Lee | Homepage, Twitter
Aaron Lee is the Grand Master of Customer Delight PostPlanner. When he’s not online, he’s enjoying his cup of coffee.

  • Most of the time, I use email for business purposes. I can’t recall the last time I used email for private uses since I can use apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook message and so on for more personal uses these days.
  • The role of email has changed, open rates has fallen but email is certainly isn’t dead. Don’t believe if ‚gurus‘ tell you so. Email is still a great platform to reach audiences who already loves you. It’s easier to get someone from your email subscribers to buy from you than someone who follows you on twitter or your Facebook fans.
  • There are so many benefits, when someone subscribes to your email, that means they are already interesting in YOU and your business. For me personally to engage with my target audience, learn more about what they want, drive sales, build loyalty and more.
  • It’s definitely not dead, it may not be as huge of an impact like in the past when social platforms didn’t exist a few years back. Even the new generation uses email. It may not be as frequent as they do on other platforms but they still use it.
  • I believe the concept of email will evolve overtime, of course definitely for the better. It’s tough to say what it will become since it’s tough to predict what the future will be like. If you ask me a few years ago about disappearing text messages I would call you crazy, now, I think it’s a genius idea. If I could guess, I’ll say probably it will look more and more like text messages.

Kiera PedleyKiera Pedley | Homepage, Twitter
Kiera Pedley runs Polkadotsi.com a Women’s Sex Positive Education site. Her mission in life is to change the world one empowered, and educated woman at a time!

  • In my businesses Multiple times a day for team communications. We have our email hooked into our feedback system so we can track tasks that are assigned to us to. I use email as my main form of communication when introducing myself to a new lead online. Privately, I tend to use Facebook as a means of quick communication.
  • Email is still integral to corporate communications. While people have been claiming email is dead, really in the corporate world it is still a prime means of communication. Collaborative platforms are another cool tool, but even when using a collaborative platform, I still use the email notifications to keep me in the loop!
  • I use email in my business to have ownership over my contacts. If Facebook or Twitter change the rules, my “network” is gone. If I own my list, I can start my business up again tomorrow. Contacts on Facebook are “half” contacts in my opinion. How I communicate with them is limited, the data I have on them is limited, and they can disappear at any time.
  • Email is dead? Heck no! Email is still a powerful medium of communication. It still drives traffic to my site, it still attracts engagement, and most importantly it makes sales. Tools are only as good as the people using them!
  • I think like anything, email will evolve with the tools to become more immersive, more intuitive, more media rich, and as accountable as other social media or next gen channels.

Ravi ShukleRavi Shukle | Homepage, Twitter
Ravi Shukle is passionate about helping others with their social media efforts & keeping up-to-date with the latest changes & trends. He has over 5 years experience in social media working with many multinational brands and now enjoys sharing this knowledge to help businesses succeed and engage with their audience online. You can be sure to find him online constantly answering social media questions & helping others at RaviShukle.com.

  • Personally I use email on a daily basis both for business and personal. Even with the constant rise of social media and instant messaging email communication still plays an important role in online communications and relationship building whether business or personal. This is not something that is going to disappear form the marketing mix.
  • If anything I would say email communication today is just as important as interacting on social networks and offline. When looking at developing corporate relationships whether new or internal using email still continues to provide a form of direct communications that allows you to build a personal relationship with the recipient if targeted correctly and the right tone of voice is used.
    Other benefits of using email marketing include its action orientated nature and the ability to measure your results. Email today has become transactional in nature and when constructed well allows you get your recipient to take action. This could be in the form of a reply, forward, click through, sign up or even purchase.
    One of the other key benefits is the ability to measure performance. This can be tracked in many ways from open rates, subscriptions, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates and more. Tracking this on a consistent basis allows you gather better information on your readers to deliver a more targeted and optimized message.
    Lastly one of the biggest advantages of email is that it can be accessed on the go from most if not all internet enabled devices. With more and more users accessing information on the go this still allows the medium to continue to be relevant in today’s fast paced world with users being able to send business or personal files with a click of a button.
  • One of the main reasons I have developed an email list is to help strengthen the relationship with my readers. I publish a weekly blog and post daily updates on my social channels. Having an email newsletter allows me to summaries the top pieces of content in the week and allows me to send this out to my readers saving them the time from having to find the information themselves.
    Another great advantage of having an email newsletter is the ability to talk directly to each individual. An email is sent to each reader directly and personalizing this allows your brand to build the relationship at a deeper one to one level compared to just sharing the information to a broader audience. By using email your readers also have the ability to respond directly to your messages with any questions or feedback they may have. I also do not use my email for direct sales and prefer to use my emails to help educate and inform my fans on the latest changes and trends in the social media industry. Through this practice the business is able to build its reputation as one that provides valuable information to help businesses and therefore increases trust with your audience. Therefore when your audience faces an issue your business is the first place they turn to.
  • I would say in today’s fast paced online environment email is still a great way to build a direct relationship with your readers and drive them to action. It’s also continues to be a great way to make introductions and build a professional network. Not forgetting face to face interaction email can still prove to be a great way to get in front of prospects and grow your network if targeted correctly. Learning how to construct an email is almost as important as the first handshake when you meet someone for the first time. It’s important both businesses and users understand how to construct an email to the desired audience and use the correct tone of voice if they are to make a favorable impression.
  • Email will still prove a vital way businesses interact with their customers and prospects. Even with the rise of micro content and social media email still allows users to embed this information into a message they can send in minutes. So spreading your message online in the future may be socially led but having an email strategy in place will continue to provide users with a great way to build relationships and trust directly with their audience.

Wow… I’m impressed. I mean really… and you? I want to thank Mark, Ian, Aaron, Kiera and Ravi for their great insights and their time they’ve spend to provide me their thoughts and views!

I love email and couldn’t work without it.
~Mark Schaefer

You get a much higher conversion rate from email subscribers than fans or followers!
~Ian Cleary

It’s easier to get someone from your email subscribers to buy from you than someone who follows you on twitter or your Facebook fans.
~Aaron Lee

Email is dead? Heck no! Email is still a powerful medium of communication.
~Kiera Pedley

One of the main reasons I have developed an email list is to help strengthen the relationship with my readers.
~Ravi Shukle

Now my question to you: Is email really dead?
Start today with developing an email list for lead generation and closer communication with your customers and prospects. But do me a favor and don’t send any spam!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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  • Great article Ali!! Isn’t it interesting that everyone you interviewed seem to see the deep personal value of client relationships built with email.

    I am keen to see what other tools and platforms offer that benefit.

  • Email marketing is a great source of getting traction and communication. All the five people you selected are above awesomeness @alimostofian:disqus.

    All the views are amazing and I second to all of them.

    • I was very amazed by their insights and how they use email. I mean, email is in fact a great tool and why should we ban or replace something instead of expanding our possibilities. Be there where your customers are and fact is, that people use different channels!

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