How to use Google+ to expand your network or build a community

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How to use Google+ to expand your network or build a community

I know that many don’t like Google+ and we hear specially these days again about the wrong strategy of Google to build a social network to compete with Facebook. But fact is, that Google+ is not a social media like Facebook, it has more SE functionalities… Google Plus was made to personalize your own search results!

Well, first of all I would really love to hear your own experiences with Google+ and how you use it. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and experiences with me and my network.

Personally I use Google plus on regular basis. I’m one of the community moderators of Social Media Marketing by Social Fresh and have built my own Digital Marketing Community with over 4250 members.

Now you may think “What the F*** is Google+”… 🙂 . You shouldn’t be on Google+ just for the SEO! +1s or G+ Shares don’t affect your ranking on Google. Look at this:

There are several another demonstrations that Google+ activities don’t hack your search engine ranking positively but Google+ isn’t about SEO. It’s another social media platform with his own characters, benefits and mentality. It’s something between Facebook and LinkedIn, I would say. Some people would say that Google+ is for nerds and techies. Well… In fact it’s more technical than emotional. Let us don’t talk about Cats and Dogs GIFs 🙂 , I mean the communities on Google+ are more vital than Facebook, as far as I can see… Correct me if I’m wrong but I have always more fun on Google+ or even Quora than Facebook if it comes to discussions. For some business fields like IT/Software or Marketing, you will find many strong and active Communities on Google+.

A big advantage of Google+ is the “Circle” functionality and that you can create and share them with others. In this way you can recommend professionals very quickly with your network. Check this: 10 Google+ Circles Marketers Should Follow on Mashable. As you can see, Google+ works like twitter when it comes to connections. It’s much harder to build connections on Facebook unless you’re a pretty woman! 🙂 (Just a joke).

Everybody can create a community on Google+. The only challenge is to win members and people who are interested in its topics. What I did first was to add people from relevant circles to my own network, then invite them to join my community. For example: I’ve looked for Marketing circles and then invited them to join my Digital Marketing Community. Another possibilities are your LinkedIn connections. I love LinkedIn because you can send people personal emails. This is much more effective than random posts on social media “Hey, have you seen my new community”… and you can choose people who are/could be interested in your community. One thing you should avoid is to spam people with irrelevant informations. Don’t send a butcher something about rocket science or vice versa. This are the steps you can try, if you want to start your own community on Google+:

  1. Look for relevant circles regarding your community.
  2. Use your LinkedIn connections. Send them personal emails.
  3. Share your community on other social media platforms.
  4. You can even try a small Facebook Ad or Google AdWords campaign to promote your community.
  5. Don’t spam people! Invite only who could really be interested in your topics!
  6. Try to build relationships!

For me, I didn’t invest anything, except my time and my soul… What I’ve got in return was: Many really good connections and more than 4250 community members…

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  • Great post Ali! Really enjoyed this as I’m a big fan of G+ and think it’s absolutely great for small businesses and networking! I love the communities as I think they draw in a lot of like-minded people! Thanks for the great read 🙂

    • I’m curious about the future of G+. Google has made some decisions regarding another products suddenly and without detailed information like RSS Reader! Let us wish the best for G+ because it is really a great network!

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