Are Unpublished Facebook Posts or „Dark“ Posts still interesting?

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Unpublished Facebook Posts or „Dark“ Posts still interesting

Unpublished Facebook Posts or „Dark“ Posts

You may have heard about them but have you ever tried them? Do you know what are their benefits and why page owners or advertisers should use them?

Unpublished (dark) posts don’t appear on the Facebook Fan Page and will not annoy your whole fans! This is very useful if you have a wide range of fans from different regions or if you have different products or you offer different services.

A good example is, if you have a restaurant and you want to offer various menus for different targeted groups like students or business people! In this case it would be more useful not to post directly on your page! A better way is to set two different unpublished posts and promote each directly to the right audience! You may have seen that Facebook has changed its news feed algorithm to serve user with more relevant informations. Shotgun approach will harm the visibility of your page more than ever! To stay relevant and to offer contents with higher engagement rates is the only way to stay on top of your competitors and to win new customers and loyal fans!

Scott Ayres (Co-author of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies and „Ambassador of Awesome” at Post Planner) has published an interesting post:
Facebook Reach isn’t Dead! Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Sucks!

In this post he shows how he could generate new fans who are interested in his topic: Bigfoot

I ran a $10 per day Page Like Facebook ad targeting people who were interested in:

  • Bigfoot
  • the show “Finding Bigfoot”

Out of 2,400 Likes, about 1,600 came from these ads.

Your Facebook Fan Page will die very soon, If your fans don’t engage with your posts. Try to find out what they like and which type of contents are more relevant for your target audience and will attract them more!

Unpublished Facebook Posts are your secret weapons! You can use them for Ads and Promotions without post them on your Fan Page! In this way you can run some A/B tests or you can setup some completely different posts for different groups like in my example above.

To setup an unpublished post is very easy. If you have never used the Power Editor, you will need it now. PE works only with Google Chrome!

Facebook Power Editor

Once you have clicked on PE you can load all your Ad-Accounts and your are able to manage all your Ads and Campaigns. You can access to Unpublished Posts in this way:

Unpublished Facebook Posts

Now you’re able to create a new post:

Create New Unpublished Post

After you have created it, you will see a “Half Moon” icon near to your post on the left side. This stands for “Unpublished” Facebook Post!

Half Moon Unpublished Post

Back to your campaigns in PE you can create a new Ad and now you can use your “Unpublished” Post:

Use Unpublished Post For Ads

As you can see it’s not that complicated. The only difference is, that you don’t create it on your page. You create a new post directly in the Power Editor.

People think that the reach of Facebook Fan Pages is dropped down but this is wrong! Facebook tries to optimize it in order to provide relevant information.
You want to stay in the game? Be relevant and rethink your Marketing Strategy on Social Media in general!

To answer the question in the title of this post: Yes, more than ever!

Facebook News Feed Algorithm will change again to improve the usage of Facebook. People will have more connections over the time and they will like more pages and imagine a news feed without any control… What Facebook is trying to do is to be a contextual communication platform. User and their actions will define what they will and never will see in their news feeds! Don’t experiment with your Fan Page, because you could kick your own ass out of the game! Try Unpublished Facebook Posts…

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