Facebook Ads: Which provide better results?

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Since 2012 I use Facebook Ads frequently for my own business and my clients for different campaigns with different goals. What I have learned is that the different ads do not always deliver the results that they should or Facebook promises they would!

Facebook offers special Ads for different objectives but Photo Ads are the must powerful with much better results.

We all know that even if you post frequently, you’ll need to pay something to get noticed by your existing fans and win some new. Facebook is a company and they need to earn money too 🙂 Therefore you’ll need Facebook Ads from time to time! This you should know and never forget!

Photo Ads are the best types to gather more attention. This is fact! Let me share with you my own experiences with Facebook Ads…

Usually if you want more (relevant) Fans you create this Ad:

Facebook Page like ad

Facebook Page like ad

This is what Facebook recommends, if you want to get more Likes for your Page but my experiences were not really good with it! Let me tell you why…

You can do what you want but these Ads will still look and feel like “Ads” and the point is: People don’t like to see Ads on Facebook! They want to see amazing stories and this is why standard Ads will never work on Facebook. If you try to use the advertising language on Facebook, you will fail. You can use it on LinkedIn and also on Google+ but Facebook is different. I don’t want to say that “Page like ad” will never work but I’ve used them many times and wouldn’t recommend them… Very different are these two Ads:

Facebook Page post link ad: Drive clicks to your website

Facebook Page post link ad

Facebook Page post photo ad: Drive awareness and engagement of your message with an image

Facebook Page post photo ad

What they do is to tell stories and not just begging for “Likes”! You can use bigger images and/or forward them to a landing page with special offers or interesting contents. Most interesting side effect that I could realize was that these two Ads have also brought more Fans for the Facebook pages!

Facebook Event Ads

Oh, how much I have tried them but… will never use them again, because they are really not that effective and you’ll lose only your money and marketing budget! I mean who really cares about Event Ads? They look like “Ads” and again: NO!

Facebook Event ad

If you want to promote an Event on Facebook… I’m not a friend of it but if you like… you should better use “Page post photo ad” with a link to the event page. This works much better!

Video works sometimes better than a photo! If you have some cool videos of your products or your company, then you should definitely try “Page post video ad”

Facebook Page post video ad: Drive awareness and engagement of your message with a video

Facebook Page post video ad

Up to 1 GB, 16:9 aspect ratio and with 1080 resolution – You can create amazing Videos in very good quality!

My takeaway for you:

  • Forget “Page like ad”
  • Don’t pay money for TEXT only Ads
  • Forget Ads on “Right Side of Facebook”
  • Use Ads only in News Feed (Desktop/Mobile)
  • Try these 3 Ads for better results:
    Page post link ad, Page post photo ad, Page post video ad

Facebook is not a subway station where you can put a billboard! You have to provide interesting stories! Of course you can and should use Facebook for B2B but on a personal level! B2B marketers should learn to act and behave more like B2C on Facebook.

One last thing, you should try and test different Ads on Facebook to see which yield better results for you, your business and for your customers.

For more information about Facebook Ads visit this page: Facebook Ads

Do you have another ideas? Have you had other experiences? Let’s talk! Use the comment section below…

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Ali Amir Mostofian

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  • Adrian Leighton

    Good article Ali!
    I must say though, to have a well-rounded FB advertising strategy I think there has to be some budget put into „LIKE“ ads. Whereas these may be more ’salesy,‘ actually that’s up to the language the marketer uses. Also they give users the easiest path to liking your page: Just one click of the integrated like button.

    Once you have more fans then you’ll reach a whole lot more with your other photo, link, or video ads as well as organic content, and they’re likely to engage since they liked your page in the first place.

    Also it’s possible to then make a lookalike audience of your page’s fan base, which if populated by a lot of relevant fans (which can be assured by targeting the right people with your like ads), will potentially be a very powerful resource for future targeting of your ads and content.

    Perhaps as a page is more well-established and with plenty of fans, advertising for likes (aside from using custom audiences, such as lookalikes or your email list) isn’t so important, as you already have plenty of people who are likely to buy, engage, etc; but in the early days my opinion is that there is most certainly a place for „LIKE“ ads.

    • It depends on region, of course and if you have enough budget, then you should use different Ads but if not I rather recommend to focus on few ads and use micro targeting. Page Like Ads are not really useful for small businesses who are not known to their target audience! Why should people like something they know nothing about!? Would work for big and well known brands but not for small businesses. They should create Page post link ads or Page post photo ads to get in touch with their target audience and to forward them to some well created landing pages for more information!

    • Good point Ali.

      I have also found that page like ads generally don’t work that well for small and new businesses that lack brand awareness in general. The way to do it is to use post engagement ads to gain trust and familiarity by providing valuable content.

    • And targeting is in all cases the master key…
      Right ads at the right time = Best Results

  • B R I L L I A N T !!

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned.

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